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We're the Sutton's from Akron, OH! Married on 09/16/18 we decided to go "camping" for our honeymoon. What started out as a "Let's do it in a tent" moment  quickly faded as I recalled all of the time I spent in the field while in the Army.

Sooo, long story short we head down to our local Mega RV dealer in N. Canton, OH (Big shout out to T.J. @ GeneralRV!) dead set on a T@B 320S Outback Edition when low and behold we spy a slightly different tear drop in the rear of the show room.

The Little Guy Mini-Max more or less blew us away, just slightly larger than the T@B and well within the tow limit for our Jeep Wrangler Rubicon there wasn't anything we didn't love about it, the height alone allowed me to pretty much stand up @ 6' tall and the larger refrigerator/freezer were just a couple of the attractive amenities we appreciated.

After an hour or so of thorough review we plopped our deposit down and custom ordered one that day. And then, the honeymoon trip took a different turn..............

Two weeks later we received a call from our sales rep informing us that our order was in process and that we could expect delivery around the third week of May, more or less a MAJOR bummer since our trip was to begin on Wednesday the  second of May with a must make concert in St. Petersburg, FL on the 5th . With heavy hearts we prepared to stick to our original plans and take the trip on with our rather roomy 10 person tent and just boondock it.

Then it dawned on me, we had met Jon and Dylan from Liberty Outdoors during our initial visit to General RV, Jon and Dylan are headquartered in Uniontown, OH, just South of my hometown of Akron, OH. So we sent them a message outlining our plight. Now I have to give it up for the team at Liberty, I know that sometimes you have to more or less go around the middle man to get to someone who can move things for you, and when we reached out to Liberty I decided that the least we could do was ask. Once Liberty heard we were going on our honeymoon Dylan worked quite a bit of magic for us and we'll always be appreciative of his teams efforts on our behalf.

Within a week our dealer contacted us and informed us that our unit was being pushed up and would be in town prior to our departure. It will be cutting it close as we pick up our mini just two days before we depart for our honeymoon, but it will be  the adventure we've been looking for as well as one of the most "Non-Staged" shakedown runs the Mini-Max community will be able to get.

Check back soon, we'll post to the Facebook as well but all roads will lead back to this site for updates!

Cheers everyone and travel well!

Sean & Val